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Chocolate Tart Recipe with Sweet Potato

This tart is just perfect and delicious in every single way!

I have put together for You the recipe, feel free to Share the Result!

Preheat the oven around 180 degrees, than line a medium rectangular or circular mold with parchment paper. I have used glass, as I would not risk any harmful plastic or heavy metal leakings.

Ingredients for the Tart;

for the Base:

  • 260 gr hazelnut

  • 25 gr cocoa powder

  • a pinch of salt

  • 80 gr Organic Honey

for the Filling:

  • 500 gr sweet potato

  • 180 gr unsweetened almond milk

  • 400 gr (50+%) dark chocolate without gluten,dairy and eggs

  • a pinch of vanilla extract

  • cocoa powder to sprinkle

  • 100 gr raspberry

  • some leaves of mint


1. Put the hazelnut in a high-speed blender and break it down in very small pieces,

than add the honey and cocoa powder and blend them together again until you get a "ferrero-rocher" mousse. Put it aside in the mold and reserve it in the fridge until you make the rest.

2. Clean the sweet potato than cut it in finger-sized slices. Put them inside the oven for at least 20 minutes, ready when they are smooth. When cooked, eliminate the peel.

3. Melt the chocolate with the almond milk together above high-heated water in a bowl until smooth.

4. In a large bowl mix the sweet potato and the chocolate-almond milk combo, until very smooth. You can use any kitchen tool if you find it useful to mix the ingredients.

5. When mixed well, pour it into the mold carefully, and reserve it in the freezer for 120 minutes.

6. You can store if afterwards in the fridge, and when you would like to serve it leave it on room temperature for 30 minutes, than pour the cocoa powder on top and put the raspberry, and mint for decoration.

Enjoy your chocolate tart, it´s delicious isn´t it?

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