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Hello! I'm Rochelle

Dreamer, Mother, Adventurer & Chief Motivator.

I know what it feels like to struggle with wanting to be healthy and to go in search of the proverbial fountain of youth.


I was right where you are. I felt the exact same way.


Much like you, my personal journey has been driven by the
desire to ensure I have the longevity needed to age healthily,
both physically and mentally.


Throughout my diverse professional journey spanning the travel industry, software sales, real estate sales, and surgical services, my common thread has been a commitment to helping individuals achieve their dreams and successes. The realization struck when I faced injury and health challenges that a change in my life's trajectory was inevitable, sparking an internal soul-searching process.

During my downtime, I immersed myself in research, seeking answers to enhance my day-to-day life. Consulting with various experts and exploring treatments became a catalyst for my newfound passion. I delved into a comprehensive exploration of today's perspectives on health and wellness, absorbing information through extensive reading and listening.

My foray into the healthcare field provided a profound understanding of traditional Western medicine, prompting a personal revelation about the merits of time-honored practices such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and tai chi. This realization fueled my commitment to embracing holistic approaches to well-being.

I continually found that people were either time-deprived or information-deprived to be able to improve their well-being and increase their longevity. 

Recognizing the profound impact of fostering a deeper connection to longevity and well-being, I made it my mission to create a space where individuals could embark on a transformative journey. Through this endeavor, I've witnessed significant success, and the positive outcomes have been so compelling that I felt compelled to share this experience with others.

Now, my mission extends beyond personal well-being ‚Äď it's about creating a supportive environment where others can discover the keys to their own longevity and holistic health.

I am dedicated to sharing the knowledge, tools, and success I've encountered on this path, empowering others to embark on their own fulfilling journeys towards well-being and a meaningful connection to their longevity.


10 years on...

I found my calling in health coaching, realizing that it is not only a profession but a powerful vehicle through which I can inspire and guide others toward transformative change. Equipped with the tools and knowledge to facilitate personal growth and well-being, I am committed to being the support and empowerment of those seeking positive transformations in their lives.

I bring to the table a blend of dedication, hard work, and dependability, ready to leverage my diverse background to inspire these positive transformations in the lives of those I have the privilege to coach. Together, let's navigate the journey towards a healthier, more balanced, and fulfilling life.

I believe that 

everyone deserves the best version of themself

  • I'm dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, parents, and women‚ÄĒindividuals like yourself‚ÄĒin achieving optimum health.
  • My impending certification as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, coupled with my immersive exploration of the holistic approach to coaching and functional nutrition through Mind Body Green, has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to guide you on your wellness journey.
  • I am passionate about empowering others to reach their full health potential
  • I am committed to leveraging my expertise to help you attain and sustain optimal well-being.
  • As we work together, my goal is to facilitate positive transformations in your life, ensuring that you not only achieve but thrive in your pursuit of health and wellness.
Health Coaching for You
Rochelle Reeves, Health Coach

Why I do it

I am just like you, finding purpose in the journey of life.


I call Michigan my home, and I'm fortunate enough to work from the comfort of my house, with a breathtaking view of Lake St. Clair. This isn't just a workplace; it's my sanctuary, a crucial element of my self-care routine. The absence of a daily commute, free from the challenges of rain or snow, has been a game-changer, allowing me to concentrate fully on my daily tasks as I nurture and develop my business.

The heart of my endeavors is profoundly personal. My life is anchored by a beautiful daughter and a delightful little grandson, serving as the unwavering "why" that fuels my dedication to my business. As a health coach, I have the flexibility to work from any location, ensuring that I can be there for my family, especially for my growing grandson.

The prospect of the next destination always fills me with excitement! Accompanied by my husband, we are fortunate to embark on multiple trips each year, satisfying our curiosity about this vast world. Whether it's exploring new corners or feeling the sand beneath our toes on various beaches, these adventures play a vital role in maintaining a harmonious life-work balance.

Your journey toward optimal health is not merely a destination; it's a profound and transformative experience. By choosing me as your health coach, you're not just committing to wellness; you're investing in a partnership devoted to your overall well-being, growth, and the pursuit of a healthier, more fulfilling life.

My success is rooted in a fundamental skill: Customer Service. The commitment to excellence has yielded success in sales, marketing, and customer service, underlining my dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Integral to both my professional and personal life is a steadfast commitment to integrity. I firmly believe that without integrity, one has nothing. As life unfolds with its highs and lows, I extend this principle to health ‚Äď without it, everything else loses significance. My coaching philosophy is built on this foundation, emphasizing not only physical well-being but also the integral role health plays in the overall fabric of a fulfilling life.

By choosing me as your health coach, you're not just choosing someone with a wealth of experience; you're choosing a partner who is dedicated to guiding you toward a life that prioritizes health, integrity and a sense of fulfillment. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey toward a healthier and more purposeful you.

I am ready

You're only

3 steps away

from transforming your life


is an important decision, and it ultimately depends on your comfort, convenience, and individual preferences.

Zoom Coaching: Opting for coaching sessions via Zoom offers the flexibility of location independence. 

In-Person Coaching: Choosing in-person coaching may be ideal if you value face-to-face interactions and find motivation in a physical setting. (Location dependent)

Both methods are effective, and the goal is to create a coaching experience that aligns seamlessly with your needs, ensuring you receive the support and guidance necessary to achieve your health and wellness goals.


One of the unique and empowering aspects of health coaching is the flexibility to work at your own pace. This personalized approach recognizes that individuals have diverse lifestyles, commitments, and preferences, and tailors the coaching experience accordingly.

As your health coach, I provide guidance, support, and resources, but the rhythm of progress is set by you. This flexibility allows you to navigate the journey toward your health goals at a speed that feels comfortable and sustainable for you.


In the realm of health coaching, the passage of time, coupled with unwavering dedication and hard work, unveils tangible results aligned with the goals you set leading to transformative changes in your overall well-being.

let's get started

3-Month Health Coaching Program
Health Coaching
(3-month program)
$150/month ($75/session)

2 calls, 45 minutes each (6 calls total)

Resources and recommendations, and email support between sessions

Investment: Three payments of $150/month

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6-Month Health Coaching Program
Health Coaching
(6-month program)
$150/month ($75/session)

2 calls, 45 minutes each (12 calls total)

Resources and recommendations, and email support between sessions

Investment: Six payments of $150/month

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Health Coaching Check ins
Health Coaching Check-Ins 
$50 each/30 min sessions
(Recently completed a previous package)

3 calls for 3 months 

Resources and recommendations, and email support between sessions

Investment: $150

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It's my belief that 

everyone should have the opportunity to age being physically and mentally fit

and overcome the idea that age holds us back. Let me help you find your path to do just that. Your healthy longevity is there to be lived.

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While you are getting ready to start your journey,

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Fun facts


I love the sun and the beach.


I have traveled to 10 countries.


I can do a cartwheel!


I have 3 grandchildren.


My favorite food is Polish Pierogis (miss my mom's).
Rochelle Reeves, Health Coach